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New Law of entrepenurs and its internacionalization- Spain

10 October, 2013 No Comments

Spain… a country at your fingertips.

As previously did Portugal and Greece, Spain invites foreigners to invest in the country, providing a number of advantages.

real estate in Spain

photo: T.B.Channel

We will do an analysis of the measures that autorize the grant of a residence permit in Spain to foreign investors upon request.

Following the adoption of the new law on entrepeneurs, last September (law 14/2013 ) appears among others, measures to encourage foreign and domestic investment. The aim of the law is to facilitate international mobility, as well as the entrance and stay of foreigners in Spain for economic reasons, by making a significant capital investment.

Non resident foreigners, buying real estate in Spain, with an investment same or higher than € 500.000 each, may apply for a residence visa ( which allows them to live in Spain for a year ). This period of residence may be extended, upon application for a residence permission for two years more. Being this last period of two years renewable for two more years, subject to maintain the same conditions  that allowed grant authorization.

This investment will be verified by one or more certificates evidencing the domain, issued by Real Estate Register, belonging tho this property. Must prove that they have the ownership of the property by continued certified information domain  and loads of the real estate Register that belongs to the property. The certification will include a verification e-code for the enquire on line.

If at the time of visa application, the acquisition of the property was still in process of registration in Real Estate Register, will be enough to submit the certification, stating current seat submission of the acquisition documentation, acompanied by taxes payment certification.

The applicant shall prove in this way, his investment of 500.000€ or more in real estate, free of charges. In the event that the investment exceeds € 500.000, the portion of this exceed may be subject to taxes.

There are several limitations to the grant of a residence permission for real estate investment:

* The person who does the investment must not be ilegally in Spain, or had any criminal record  in the country, or any other countries where he head lived for the last five years.

*Must have public or private health insurance, as well as enough personal economic resources.

* the property acquired by investor must be free of charges. In case it has a mortgage, the investor loses it’s right to have the residence.

In addition to the information concerned to real estate market, the purpose of this new regulation also includes stimulating foreign investment in several areas, while promoting business entrepeneurship development in the country, scientific and technological innovation, seeking to create employment .


(II) L’immobilier a París a le vent en poupe

3 August, 2011 No Comments

The situation in Paris and part of France, could be a sign of a slight recovery in the housing sector. Even though buying a property could be a safe haven for one’s money, one must wait and see how 2011 reacts, as one shall not forget that it is a fragile market unbalanced by the crisis and an economic situation filled with uncertainty. (All of this combined with a possible increase in interest rates and a partial reduction in government aid …… should warn investors to act prudently.

(Magazine Le 19/08/10) This strong awakening of the real estate market after a latent period (in 2008), has resulted in a significant increase in prices, especially in Paris, which are being compared to the levels before the crisis, and makes people regret not having bought a property a year earlier, instead of having waited for prices to decrease even further.

But the big question now is: Faut-il acheter maintenant? (Should we buy now?)

This outrageous increase in value of real estate assets during 2010 is given only in large cities and some suburbs; whereas in small cities and rural areas of the country, the increase existed in a much smaller scale.
For investors who are buying fast and under pressure due to the small number of properties for sale and the speed in which are sold, I believe that rush always carries a risk and most of the times is not worth it. At first sight it is appealing to buy fast for the reasons that I previously stated, but to me it is not enough argument because buying a property takes time and market research, in addition to be disciplined to avoid buying overpriced and mediocre assets.
I agree that some tax incentives and low interest rates are appealing, BUT in a market with little supply there is a higher risk of getting anything at any price.  In this case, whatever gain obtained on one side with tax deductions can be exponentially lost on the other side due to the purchase of an asset that when is time to sell, does not generate capital gains because at the time of purchase was an overpriced asset.

“Pour les Notaires de France, cette hausse s’explique a la fois par la permanence des taux historiquement trés bas, mais aussi pour le valeur refuge donnée aux investissements immobiliers lors de periodes de crise”. Certain questions arise such as: what will happen to prices if rates go up?……. Can we anticipate another housing bubble? are wages capable of keeping up with current prices?

Invest in Natal – Brasil

17 March, 2010 No Comments

Last week we were in the real estate fair Natal (Brazil), IX Salão Imobiliário DO RN, held in the Natal Convention Center, from 10 to 14 March 2010.

The sensations that caused us Natal just when we arrived in the city, is that it’s in urban development, where currently are construction a large number of apartment buildings, condominiums and other real estate developments, both to the consumption of Brazilian emerging middle class to foreign investors who see Brazil as a rising economy and potential return on investment within a short period.

Natal is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil. Those who live here can enjoy over 400km of magnificent beaches, many of which are protected by reefs and natural pools, interspersed with rivers, freshwater lakes, sand dunes and cliffs of colors. Natal is very clear, cheerful and sunny.

In the real estate fair, we could see ourselves that Brazil is in a great economic growth. Building contractors, property developers and real estate companies were present to offer visitors the many real estate developments for sale in Natal city, as in the rest of the state Rio Grande do Norte.

All these real estate developments will be announced very soon in the New Homes Real Estate Portal.

Real Estate Fair in Natal – Brazil

1 March, 2010 No Comments

About 10,000 homes, both new construction and second-hand, will be presented at the ninth edition of the Real Estate Fair in Natal (Brazil): IX Salão Imobiliário DO RN.

This fair will be held from 10 to 14 March 2010 at the Convention Center, in the area of Ponta Negra.

The public interested in buying their own homes or as investment property, will find more than 250 companies.

As indicated Ocimar Damasio, chief operating officer of the Communication and event organizer, this real estate fair is the second largest in Brazil in terms of turnover, after the real estate fair in São Paulo. Is expected to visit the show over 30,000 people during the five days it lasts. In addition, this year has increased the number of stands, even attracting companies from other countries.

During the exhibition, visitors will be informed of more than 200 real estate developments, for all tastes, from flats and apartments to houses and condominiums, even within the state.

During the week of 10 to 14 March, 14h-22h, visitors will find a complete environment with air conditioning, restaurant, wireless Internet and auditorium.

See you there!

Invest in Miami

22 February, 2010 No Comments

It appears that the Florida real estate market, particularly Miami, is recovering from a hard crash.

Currently, the real estate market in Miami is increasing sales.

The average sales price in Miami rarely exceed €150.000, which is affordable for Europeans.

The sale of properties in Miami has increased due to:

  1. The arrival of the U.S. President, Barack Obama.
  2. La housing stock reduction, which the famous subprime foreclosures left in the hands of banks (the properties were auctioned).
  3. The increase of malls and shops.
  4. The decline in housing prices, added with the weak dollar, which has created a very attractive market to foreign buyers, which has led to a high percentage of international customer transactions.
  5. The important market for luxury real estate, which has maintained its buyers due to falling property prices up to 50% exclusive. The buying clients come mostly from USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America.
  6. The potential of the city to absorb the overbuilding generated in recent years due to its climate and as a greater international resort, cruise and shipping companies on the continent.

Both the Spanish Chamber of Commerce as the ratio of financial analysis by Standard & Poor’s, advise investing in Miami real estate market.

In new construction homes, promoters offers great incentives:
  • bear the maintenance costs and taxes for 2 years.
  • ensure the rent to the owners of the property for 3 years and if sales prices fall, guaranteeing repurchased by the same purchase price, proposed a housing finance with 35% of the down payment.

Miami has the Latin charm (65%, mostly Cubans) and the efficient and practical system of USA. With 2,400,000 people, Miami is a cosmopolitan city, full of celebrities, millionaires and a lot of visitors.

Brazil, an ideal country for the real estate investment

19 February, 2010 No Comments

At this moment, it’s time to invest in Brazil, either as a buyer and promoter.

Brazil will host the 2014 Football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

These two events will involve the construction of stadiums, metro networks, new airports and hotels as well as updating existing ones. It will also require the construction of housing, along with the modernization of cities and real estate developments in today’s society due to the increase of the middle class.

In general, the Brazilian economy seems unstoppable (it’s the 9th economy of the planet), for his big break, with sustained economic growth, its ability to withstand the financial crisis, job creation, the image of stability against the Brazilian government foreign and oil resources in their coastal waters.

The foreign property investment in Brazil should consider the country’s characteristics: its size, different regions and products most commonly requested. The northeast area of Brazil had a huge real estate development in the middle of a virgin area.