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29 August, 2011 No Comments

A Real estate fair that shows a market undergoing a deep transformation

Former Minister of Housing, Beatriz Corridor, opened the show a year ago in company of F. Baltasar, Counselor of Environment and Housing of La Generalitat. This occurred during the time in which President Zapatero was considering to eliminate the Ministry of Housing in his government reshuffle, whose tasks would then be under responsibility of the Ministry of Development led by J Blanco.

The show was hosted in Montjuic showing the large supply of homes available at the time, both first and second-hand homes, as well as store and office space, parking lots, which, as was seen in other real estate exhibitions around the country, were a big chunk of the bank’s portfolio.
The show’s international section had a wide representation from Russia.  There was still a close relationship with the Arab Union for Real Estate Development, and there was a delegation from South American countries, i.e. Argentine and Colombian businessmen looking to find Spanish partners to invest here. In the Symposium, held at the same time, the representatives of Colonial and Morgan Stanley, believed that international investment was starting to show interest in the Spanish housing market, not so much for developers but to create personal wealth, and always at attractive prices … . this was referred to as possible competitors to the Spanish family offices, which were those that had been buying quite much in previous years.

Exhibitions and fairs are generally intended to present to the public and the specialized sector the latest industry trends, showing the existing product supply at the national and international level. That gives a quick overview of; the evolution, market trends at that precise moment and of the future for each particular sector…… But in this case it is very difficult to predict the evolution of the housing market but also the new skills that the job market will demand in the future (either by the changes that new technologies have introduced, or the differences in advertising, or the easy access to foreign markets to both buyer and seller (globalization), or energy conservation and respect for the environment, etc. ..).

It ‘s obvious that the real estate business that will emerge after this crisis, must come with drastic changes, as we currently witness this transformation process. When the market reactivates, it should be more environmentally responsible … To point out; the information about the crisis have proved to be inaccurate as well as the forecasts about the behavior of the economy …. and recovery in Spain seems to me like a snail trail.

A conclusion for the future could be that the new market must be created by all of us all, bearing in mind a greater economic rationality.

Invest in Natal – Brasil

17 March, 2010 No Comments

Last week we were in the real estate fair Natal (Brazil), IX Salão Imobiliário DO RN, held in the Natal Convention Center, from 10 to 14 March 2010.

The sensations that caused us Natal just when we arrived in the city, is that it’s in urban development, where currently are construction a large number of apartment buildings, condominiums and other real estate developments, both to the consumption of Brazilian emerging middle class to foreign investors who see Brazil as a rising economy and potential return on investment within a short period.

Natal is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil. Those who live here can enjoy over 400km of magnificent beaches, many of which are protected by reefs and natural pools, interspersed with rivers, freshwater lakes, sand dunes and cliffs of colors. Natal is very clear, cheerful and sunny.

In the real estate fair, we could see ourselves that Brazil is in a great economic growth. Building contractors, property developers and real estate companies were present to offer visitors the many real estate developments for sale in Natal city, as in the rest of the state Rio Grande do Norte.

All these real estate developments will be announced very soon in the New Homes Real Estate Portal.

Real Estate Fair in Natal – Brazil

1 March, 2010 No Comments

About 10,000 homes, both new construction and second-hand, will be presented at the ninth edition of the Real Estate Fair in Natal (Brazil): IX Salão Imobiliário DO RN.

This fair will be held from 10 to 14 March 2010 at the Convention Center, in the area of Ponta Negra.

The public interested in buying their own homes or as investment property, will find more than 250 companies.

As indicated Ocimar Damasio, chief operating officer of the Communication and event organizer, this real estate fair is the second largest in Brazil in terms of turnover, after the real estate fair in São Paulo. Is expected to visit the show over 30,000 people during the five days it lasts. In addition, this year has increased the number of stands, even attracting companies from other countries.

During the exhibition, visitors will be informed of more than 200 real estate developments, for all tastes, from flats and apartments to houses and condominiums, even within the state.

During the week of 10 to 14 March, 14h-22h, visitors will find a complete environment with air conditioning, restaurant, wireless Internet and auditorium.

See you there!