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New Law of entrepenurs and its internacionalization- Spain

10 October, 2013 No Comments

Spain… a country at your fingertips.

As previously did Portugal and Greece, Spain invites foreigners to invest in the country, providing a number of advantages.

real estate in Spain

photo: T.B.Channel

We will do an analysis of the measures that autorize the grant of a residence permit in Spain to foreign investors upon request.

Following the adoption of the new law on entrepeneurs, last September (law 14/2013 ) appears among others, measures to encourage foreign and domestic investment. The aim of the law is to facilitate international mobility, as well as the entrance and stay of foreigners in Spain for economic reasons, by making a significant capital investment.

Non resident foreigners, buying real estate in Spain, with an investment same or higher than € 500.000 each, may apply for a residence visa ( which allows them to live in Spain for a year ). This period of residence may be extended, upon application for a residence permission for two years more. Being this last period of two years renewable for two more years, subject to maintain the same conditions  that allowed grant authorization.

This investment will be verified by one or more certificates evidencing the domain, issued by Real Estate Register, belonging tho this property. Must prove that they have the ownership of the property by continued certified information domain  and loads of the real estate Register that belongs to the property. The certification will include a verification e-code for the enquire on line.

If at the time of visa application, the acquisition of the property was still in process of registration in Real Estate Register, will be enough to submit the certification, stating current seat submission of the acquisition documentation, acompanied by taxes payment certification.

The applicant shall prove in this way, his investment of 500.000€ or more in real estate, free of charges. In the event that the investment exceeds € 500.000, the portion of this exceed may be subject to taxes.

There are several limitations to the grant of a residence permission for real estate investment:

* The person who does the investment must not be ilegally in Spain, or had any criminal record  in the country, or any other countries where he head lived for the last five years.

*Must have public or private health insurance, as well as enough personal economic resources.

* the property acquired by investor must be free of charges. In case it has a mortgage, the investor loses it’s right to have the residence.

In addition to the information concerned to real estate market, the purpose of this new regulation also includes stimulating foreign investment in several areas, while promoting business entrepeneurship development in the country, scientific and technological innovation, seeking to create employment .


New York Museum of America: Monopoly (game) of gold and diamonds.

8 September, 2011 No Comments

A real estate fiction that holds on to the crisis.

This is a version of the popular board game Monopoly created by the jeweler Sidney Mobell in 1988, ordered by toymaker Hasbro, the company that commercializes the game, and that carries a value of $2 million. This version was not marketed, instead was donated to the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History, who then lent it to the New York’s Museum of Finance located on Wall Street for a few months, and became the museum’s newest attraction.

No need to explain the dynamics of this game, which we all know and have enjoyed since its inception

The following pieces of the game are made with gold; the board, the street cards, its chips and the dices. The hotels are decorated with sapphires and the houses with rubies on top of the chimneys. The dots on the dices are diamonds, and the famous streets, which could vary depending on which country or city the game was bought, are decorated with diamonds as well as the path from the prison to the parking lot.

There have been many versions of this game, noting the chocolate one made by Neiman Marcus.

 This game is intended to be a representation of the capitalist world we live in and the attractions of wealth accumulation, promoting competition, and the search for the best positions within the real estate market in different locations, and therefore of our society.

The Associated Press video gives a more detailed picture of the Monopoly as a piece of jewelry .

A peculiar version of the famous Forbes list ranking billionaires around the world, is the “Fiction Forbes List” which has also had some variations in the last few years; Mr. Monopoly, who had amassed great wealth through real estate speculation and was at the top of the list early in the decade, has disappeared after losing his fortune, swept away by the crisis that hit real estate (subprime mortgages) in the United States. Instead, Uncle Scrooge (Donald Duck), invested his fortune in gold (a safe haven during the financial-real estate crisis) that increased his wealth even more scaling up to the top 5 in the Forbes-fiction list.