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12 January, 2013 No Comments

This is the birth of the micro-hotel concept. These small cabins can be rented by the hour and are located in airports, train stations or shopping centers among others.

The “sleep boxes” are 2×1 meters, or 4×2,30 meters.
They were born as resting oasis for passengers in transit, who have suffered delays or flight cancellations, without having to travel to hotels outside of the airports that are usually more expensive.

In the airport terminal you get the electronic key that allows you to access these cabins for the amount of time that you purchase, which can range from 15 minutes to several hours.
The architecture and design firm “Arch-Russian Group”, included a small bed with an automatic mechanism that changes sheets from user to user, a ventilation system, lighting using LEDs, alarm, tv, wi-fi, and a platform to work.

Although I personally prefer larger spaces, this can be a resting alternative in airports; gives you the opportunity to read, sleep, charge an electronic device, or just working quietly in the time between flights.

This system is currently running, and very well received by the public, at airports such as Moscow, Paris, and Munich.

Homes with cellar

6 September, 2011 No Comments

For people who are wine lovers and enjoy to have it at home, here are some guidelines to follow that will help keep good wine in perfect condition.

– An environment with adequate ventilation to prevent odors.
– Very little presence of light
– Temperature should be between 10 º and 16 º C.
– Moisture MUST be over 60%
– Bottles must be placed horizontally to prevent that wine moistens the cork
– Must be located in a place with no vibrations.

Today, with glass cabinets specially designed to store wine, and in most cases acclimatized to a temperature suitable for its conservation, it becomes less necessary to have the traditional cellar in the house’s basement. This saves space and ensures better preservation of the wine because its temperature is kept constant.

There are many ways to decorate a wine cellar. From the classic cellars made of wood with customized furniture to take advantage of every single corner, or simply by stacking the modules required to store the number of bottles available.

 On the other side we have the modern ones, which include those made of metal, as designed by the Spanish architecture studio A-cero. Check out these pictures…..