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Apartment for sale in Pedralbes- Barcelona -Spain

18 November, 2013 No Comments

It’s features make the choice of this apartment to become a good investment.

Discreet luxury of this property in Pedralbes, located in the upper area of Barcelona.

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The building is sorrounded by gardens.  Walls of windows allows to see green trees from all  rooms.


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In the sorrunding areas you can find :

*sports clubs such as : Real Club de Tenis Barcelona , Real club Polo de Barcelona, Dir, O2, Arsenal, Football Club Barcelona – Barça.

*National & International schools : St. Pul’s School, St.Peter’s school, Lycée Français de Barcelone, AVLA, Betania Patmos school,  American School of Barcelona , Deutsche Schule, Zürich Schule ,among others.


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An appartment in a quiet area of Barcelona, carefully remodeled, ready to move in now!


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This apartment is sold with two large parking spaces, located in a wide garage.


You can go easily to the nearest malls like l’illa, or El corte inglés as the area is well comunicated by public transports.

It takes only 15 min to get to the Barcelona International Airport.


As you can see through  this photo report, it reflects the high quality materials used in the remodelling.

A luxury apartment,  at discounted price,  we are pleased to  recommend to anyone looking for a nicereal estate property  in this area of Barcelona city.


MWC – Welcome mobile – Barcelona

27 February, 2013 No Comments

The Mobile World Congress, or the spot where the mobile industry reunites to do business.

Barcelona, ​​chosen as the capital of the world for mobiles, has been hosting this show since 2006 becoming a referent in new technologies.

The WMC is presented as a showcase for innovation, as well as an opportunity to find industrial partners that may help one develop new technologies… You must take into account that this sector can change very quickly, as we have seen in recent years; a new service that nobody knew or expected may occur at any time influencing the entire sector. If we look back in the last few years, we’ve had a shift from the WEB stage to the social networking sites (i.e. this YouTube video where Michelle Obama shakes up the social network has had 2 million hits in only 24 hours).

and Apps are today’s deal…. .

What will the WMC surprise us with this time? Can’t wait to see it! There will be up to 1,500 companies (Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Vodafone, Telefonica, only to mention a few)…. and Privalia, Lets Bonus, Groupalia, Spamina, Digital Legends Entertainment, Zyncro, Abertis Telecom among the local ones….

The mobile world doesn´t pair up with the Spanish crisis, it is estimated that in Spain 16 million people are connected to the network through their smart phones. People can´t manage without their cell phone. In many different sectors of the economy, and specially in the real estate sector, we have reinvented the way we work with new technologies, with cell phones having the greatest impact. We’ve become use to be reachable and connected, resulting in one of the most important part of our life. For example forgetting your cell phone at home may have an impact on your schedule, your work, and even your personal life, and not far from today in trouble with payments. In short, it has become a tool for survival in our day to day, that keeps on covering more and more functions.

The unstoppable tech innovation introduces changes in people’s needs, creating a new social trend that encourages these industries to never stop growing. And we are not talking about a single industry, because it encompasses many others: telephones, hardware or content, in addition to other companies / brands with presence in the mobile or tablet markets.

The mobility sector ignites the emergence of new companies and new jobs, especially in the area of ​​Apps, where individuals with some technological expertise and an idea can develop applications that will be placed in the various market places; the selling points that smart phones offer (App Store, Android Market are the most popular).


(I) Construmat 2011: Internationalization process to China and possibly to Brazil

20 September, 2012 No Comments

(Video with English Subtitles)

Construmat 2011, the International Exhibition of construction that was held in Barcelona in 2011, renewed its biennial meeting announcing its progress despite the crisis. The Organization signed an agreement for this show to take place in China in 2012, aiming to help the brick industry penetrate in the Asian market. At the same time they were also awaiting to close a deal with Brazil, to host the show there, with the consequent impact on the Latin American market.

In Spain, it is the most important exhibition of the construction industry, and in Europe one of the largest along with Batimat. The following take place during the show:

* Is a place where builders, developers, architects, and manufacturers of materials converge.

* New processes and developments of innovative materials arise.

* It is a meeting point to analyze, discuss and present the major technology releases, market news, and new industry trends.

Due to the current crisis, demand for construction material has fallen in Europe. Companies that want to grow must go outside (which is also a way to dispose of the surplus in construction machinery that Spain currently holds). Construmat helps especially SME’s, which are the ones that present more difficulties to send missions to China, by participating on their expansion process and advising them about the peculiarities of  other markets (i.e the large Chinese market). Construction is growing dramatically in China due to the internal migration of people from rural areas to the big cities (which I explained in previous posts).

The internationalization of companies that manufacture building materials that were already positioned in other foreign markets, has allowed them to increase their sales (i.e. the group Cosentino, producer of Silestone). According to an interview published by El País, May 15, 2011, Cosentino was well positioned in the U.S. market and stated that 70% of its revenues were from outside of Spain, and hoped to reach 82% in 2013. Its main projects during 2011 were to enter in Asia and Latin America, and to have a total of 30 people in their ​​R&D department, currently focusing its research on new technologies and designs, such as ECO (its organic product, winner of a European award…) “What gives us strength is to do different things“.

Where to buy a property in the foreign market

28 August, 2011 No Comments

Know the reasons why you want to buy and have a list of priorities… these are the most important factors to determine the best places to buy your property

It is not the same to buy a vacation home than to buy a home only for investment purposes …… Due to globalization it is less uncommon to buy a house in foreign territories, especially because purchase prices are usually more affordable than in Spain, or Europe in general. The good climate of Spain made it, for many years, one of the main countries in the Mediterranean chosen by French, English, German, Dutch and Belgians as a retirement destination and also as a place for their second home. Nowadays, due to a stronger €, the Spanish people are those who invest in emerging countries where house prices are still cheap in comparison to the prices that have been paying here in recent years.

1 – In the case of purchasing a vacation home the idea seems relatively simple; to find a sunny place where we can escape to relax. But we must go further and think realistically …. How many times a year and for how long am I going to go?…. Do I need to rent the house when I’m away to cover the maintenance costs? If so, how many months per year should I rent it to break even? It is therefore important to carefully study the climate of the area, with its seasonal cycles, rainfall, hurricanes, etc.
One should know what’s the available budget and the total cost that entails. For example the distance is more important than one might think, because in the long run travel costs add up (shoot numbers if you are thinking about a family…), and can end up being much more expensive. Suppose you choose to invest in Malaysia, where it is relatively cheap to buy a house by the beach. If the trip is expensive or airlines do not have direct flights, then you must make some flight connections, the trip is usually expensive and uncomfortable.

2 – In the case of purchasing a property as an investment purpose, or perhaps to enjoy from time to time, it is crucial to consider which areas are suitable for a capital disbursement and study how the resale market behaves. We must also take into account currency variations and the risk that it adds into the transaction.

If the purchase is solely for an investment purpose, then the distance between the place of residence and country of destination is irrelevant. What’s relevant is to evaluate whether they are regions with a high demand by both nationals and tourists. Finally, you should have the strategy to sell in order to be ready when the time to sell arrives: it is preferable to buy in an area where not only local buyers are active, but an area that has a strong local and international market, which would make a possible sale faster and easier. Such examples may be: Tenerife, Laco di Como (Italy), Orlando (Usa), and cities like Paris or Barcelona, ​​as they are locations with a high demand for vacation rentals. Riskier investors could check out opportunities in countries farther east.

3 – If the purchase is intended to settle/ retire and live permanently in the new country, decisions are perhaps simpler, with valuations such as the climate, cost of living, taxes and quality of life (if so, you must also study the job market or how to meet the needs of a family). You have to see the difference between buying a vacation home or a first residence. Tourist areas have a high demand for a few months out of a year, but the remaining months are almost dead with fewer services that supply the area. You must also assess what kind of winters does the area have.

The Mediterranean coast of Europe, combines a good climate with great communications and accessibility. Traditionally, the most popular countries are Spain, Turkey and Cyprus.

Basic ideas to consider before making a purchase:

* If possible, execute your own market research “in situ”. Ask questions, see different options and look for multiple information sources.

* If rental is important, bear in mind that demand for rentals may differ throughout the year.

* Realize that mortgage conditions, if necessary for the purchase of this particular home, vary widely from country to country.

* Finally, as I previously mentioned, know exactly what’s the purpose of your purchase; this will facilitate what kind of country or property best suits you.

QUALinHABITAT Real Estate Barcelona

1 December, 2009 No Comments

Real Estate Barcelona QUALinHABITAT

QUALinHABITAT Barcelona is a real estate specializing in luxury houses, flats, land plots, country houses and hotels for sale in residential areas of Barcelona and its surrounding areas.

This real estate offers personalized assessment in several languages, as we think every customer is unique. A realtor & real estate lawyer will provide legal assistance during the property buying or selling process

Additionally, it provides additional information of Barcelona, including:

  • Hotels, 4 and 5 stars
  • Restaurants
  • Sport clubs
  • Fitness & Spa
  • Spanish and international schools
  • Consulates
  • Car rental