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Homes with cellar

6 September, 2011 No Comments

For people who are wine lovers and enjoy to have it at home, here are some guidelines to follow that will help keep good wine in perfect condition.

– An environment with adequate ventilation to prevent odors.
– Very little presence of light
– Temperature should be between 10 º and 16 º C.
– Moisture MUST be over 60%
– Bottles must be placed horizontally to prevent that wine moistens the cork
– Must be located in a place with no vibrations.

Today, with glass cabinets specially designed to store wine, and in most cases acclimatized to a temperature suitable for its conservation, it becomes less necessary to have the traditional cellar in the house’s basement. This saves space and ensures better preservation of the wine because its temperature is kept constant.

There are many ways to decorate a wine cellar. From the classic cellars made of wood with customized furniture to take advantage of every single corner, or simply by stacking the modules required to store the number of bottles available.

 On the other side we have the modern ones, which include those made of metal, as designed by the Spanish architecture studio A-cero. Check out these pictures…..

Casa Decor Barcelona 2010

21 July, 2011 No Comments

ONCE’s former office building in Pedralbes (Barcelona), Carretera d’Esplugues  102, opened its doors to the CASA DECOR 2010 show.

This building was remodeled and turned into an exhibition of the most avant-garde trends in decoration. As in previous editions, professionals such as decorators, architects, landscapers, and gardeners were present to prepare rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, terraces … showing the latest in appliances, home automation, and technological innovations.

This range of professionals, who specialize in furniture, bathrooms, carpentry, cooking, fabrics, and many more, provided us during those days many ideas by offering opportunities for diversity in decorative trends.

The building opened its doors to the public on November 5, and the show remained open until  December 8th (the official presentation of the building was held on September 9 at 10.30 hours).

This building is located in front of St. Mary Queen’s parish, where you can also visit its gardens.

An underground paradise hotel in China

26 February, 2010 2 Comments

Hotel Songjiang near Shanghai, China, is a tourist paradise which has also won the award for best architectural design of hotels 5 *****.

This Jochman Martin’s architectural project, from Atkins study (also creators of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai), requires builders to have a great imagination to exploit the particular field: a huge quarry with a wall where the river flows, whose peculiarity is that a waterfall flows through the exterior structure, as it is part of the walls of a “throat” where water accumulates. Its structure is steel and glass, simulating another waterfall, like those in this quarry.

The Songjiang Hotel is set amidst a landscape virtually untouched, the source of inspiration has been the respect for nature.

The environmental air is reflected in that its elements reach a minimum energy and environmental impact (eg green roofs in areas above ground level and the utilization of geothermal energy).

It has 400 rooms, of which some overlook an aquarium. It also has a gym and pool.

In this hotel we have three environments:

  1. Underwater.
  2. From inside the quarry, with rocky cliffs and natural waterfalls in the background.
  3. A ground level, with the building at his feet.

The opening is scheduled for 2013.

It will be the inauguration of one of the most impressive architectural works whose complexity and combines stunning images for any lover of nature & modern architecture.

The Songjiang Hotel will be in the category of the most emblematic hotels in the world today.