RAFAA Architects Solar City Tower (water + sun) – 2016 Olympic Games in RIO

22 May, 2012 1 Comment

The so-called Solar City Tower, could rise on an island near Rio, with the idea of being a referent on the ​​global commitment with the environment. The tower would produce its own energy, and the surplus used to supply the surrounding areas.

RAFAA architects present this proposal with the idea that Rio becomes the starting point of a green movement for the development of sustainable urban structures.

The project consists of a solar plant that:

– would produce solar energy during the DAY. This is possible given the tall structure (105 meters) equipped with a huge network of solar panels. The energy produced would be used for the urban area, and the remaining to power the engines that collect and propel the sea water to the top of the tower.

– at NIGHT, the stored water would fall as a cascade, producing hydroelectric power that can be used to illuminate the building at night.

RAFAA, a Swiss Studio of architecture and design founded by Rafael Schmidt in 2007, makes an analysis of contemporary architecture that combines creativity, research and design, along with new technologies. If the project gets approved, it will be presented for the 2016 Olympics.

The tower has an auditorium, viewpoints, leisure space with 360 degrees panoramic views, a platform for bungee jumping that is 90 meters high, and while walking around the “Sky Walk” glass,  visitors could feel the waterfall under their feet.

Another project with “water walls” is the vertical zoo of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, presented by the Swedish architect studio VisionDivision. We are talking about a building whose facades are covered with water curtains.

The main handicap of complex projects such as these, is the high installation costs involved in its development.

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