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Brick recovery in London? ….. people look for the safest investment, and  the lvxury hotel segment came to mind.

This new bvilding that attempts to arrange a hotel plvs six lvxury apartments, is located in the neighborhood of Knightsbridge, a very exclvsive area in the city of London with amazing views to Hyde Park (nearby Harrods). A few meters away from the hotel, you can find the most expensive apartments from the city, the One Hyde Park complex. The project is lead by Inditex co-founder Rosalia Mera, svpported by other investors such as Prime Capital Investors with an estimated capital outlay close to 350 million €. (Expansión 30/01/11)

The hotel project under the name of the Italian jewelry firm BVLGARI, which currently has hotels in Milan and Bali, will be managed by the Ritz Carlton family, the company that currently manages the other hotels from the chain.

Rosalia Mera has previous experience in the hotel indvstry, with a stake in the Room Mate chain, as well as a number of hotels in the US. In this case, it is a rather conservative project, and a way to diversify her real estate investments. London is also considered to be a stable market, and the hotel would become the first 6****** hotel in the city, which I am sure they will not have too many empty rooms.

The project’s site is where the old Normandie Hotel was established. The investment group bought the site in 2008, but it was not until over half a year ago that the necessary permits and licenses were finally approved.

Its opening is planned to be at the same time as the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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  1. This hotel will be amazing and it is about time London had a 6* hotel. I wonder when the next 7* hotel will emerge?

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